Types of delivery

We can deliver our services to you exactly how you prefer. Whether it be on-site, off-site, on-line or any combination of the three, we can tailor our solution to your exact business needs and personal preferences.


There is no substitute for meeting and discussing matters face to face, but it is not necessary to do everything on-site.


To the extent that work is done off-site, you can benefit from the additional cost savings that we can achieve within our central finance department. See the page ‘How we do more for less‘ for further details.


Since 1995 we have used the internet to achieve major cost savings in the receipt and delivery of information. Electronic transfer of information is both quicker and cheaper.  It can also minimise the need for re-keying.  Besides being costly, re-keying is also prone to human error.

The latest accounting software now allows integration of downloaded information, enabling even greater cost savings and efficiencies.  If properly set up, regular transactions can be handled automatically, leaving only the exceptions to be dealt with.  Dashboards can be tailored so you can see at a glance the key information you need.  The virtual possibilities increase virtually every day.

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