How we do more for less

There are a number of different ways that we manage to do more for less:

Higher standards

We work to the highest professional standards. The very continuance of our business depends on our clients being delighted with the service they receive. Mistakes are costly. We do our utmost to eliminate them by paying particular attention to both the overall picture and the detail.

Greater experience

We have between us many years of commercial experience running the day to day operations of all sizes of business, from small owner managed businesses to major multinationals. We have experience of many different types of business – retail, service, industrial and manufacturing. In addition we have extensive international and multinational experience. We are able to offer proven commercial solutions. We already know the pitfalls. We do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Lower cost

FDO has always kept at the forefront of technological developments. We help our clients to realise the benefits of the latest improvements in hardware, software, mobile and internet technology, improving functionality, enhancing control and keeping costs to a minimum. By working for a number of clients we are able to even out workload peaks. We can avoid the cost of senior staff having to do junior work or vice versa.

Better calibre staff

Our business is only as good as the staff we employ. We aim to employ the best. Because we work for a number of different companies we can provide greater career opportunities than any one company can on their own. We can provide wider experience, more scope for promotion and greater variety. Attracting good staff is never easy. This gives us an advantage.

Greater availability

Our central finance department is fully staffed five days a week (and seven should you require it). Even if we normally only help you on one day per month, during the remainder of the month help and advice is never more than a telephone call away. We like to consider ourselves an important and integral part of your business.

More flexibility

With help available as and when you need it, you avoid the cost of employing people when they are not required.  We can enable you to have full time availability at a part time price.  As your business grows we can increase the resources available to you, providing you with a seamless upgrade path. If your business contracts we can reduce those resources and redeploy our staff to work for other clients. We enable you to avoid the need for and cost of awkward redundancies. If you wish to terminate our services there are no long disciplinary procedures, no employment protection legislation, you simply have to give us notice.

Simply better

Let us prove we are. Contact us now.

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